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Made to measure antique mirrors


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Add a bespoke, unique touch with our custom glass.

Bespoke mirrors are customised mirrors which are sized and shaped to fit any area of your home that you’d like. If you have any space in your home which could use a properly fitted mirror, then our bespoke mirrors are what you’ll want.

Clearly Glass has an expert team of glass and mirror technicians which specialise in the creation and installation of customised mirrors for a wide range of applications. Most people request our bespoke mirrors for their bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, we can create kitchen mirror splashbacks to protect the walls of your kitchen from splashing food debris. Not only that, but you’ll get to see your reflection as you’re cooking. How cool is that? 

Other types of bespoke mirrors include gym mirrors, tinted mirrors, antique mirrors, toughened mirrors, and large fitted mirrors. Let’s take gym mirrors, for example. If you have your own gym and you’d like to put mirrors on the walls, then you’ll need customised mirrors to fit on them. These would need to be large mirrors that would allow people to see a full-body reflection of themselves. 

Ordering a bespoke mirror gives you the chance to be creative. You can choose whatever colour finish or tint that you’d like, such as low iron, bronze, grey, or silver. You can put the bespoke mirrors in your cupboards or display cabinets too. If they’re going on the walls, then the mirrors will serve as wall cladding for them. This means the bespoke mirrors will serve as a protective coating for your walls.

Overall, bespoke mirrors can upgrade the look and feel of your home. There is nothing more stylish than uniquely shaped and sized mirrors in your home. You can place them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallways, and even the basement or attic. They have the ability to make any room look so much better. It is all a matter of fitting and placing the mirrors properly in your desired rooms.

Are you ready to purchase your bespoke mirrors? Perhaps you still have questions about how they’re created and customised to your specifications? We understand your concerns because these are common questions that people ask all the time. Simply fill out the contact form on this page and ask your questions there. We promise to get back to you within 24 business hours.

Technical Information:

  • Thickness 4mm or 6mm 
  • Maximum standard length is 3200mm CNC processed to fit curved or angled walls 
  • Holes, cut-outs & notches can be pre-cut
  • Samples in stock for all standard mirror-finishes
  • Full measure/template & installation services

Lead times for delivery/installation:

  • 10-14 working days for supply only
  • 0-7 working days for measure/template
  • 14-21 working days for supply and installation
  • These lead times are a guideline only and may be changed due to glass breakage or unforeseen delays

Bathrooms mirrors

Large fitted mirrors

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Gym mirrors

Tinted mirrors

Antique mirrors

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Kitchen mirror splashbacks

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