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Made To Measure Mirrors

Made To Measure Mirrors

South West England's Trusted Made To Measure Mirror Suppliers & Installers

Clearly Glass Ltd offer a wide range of made to measure mirrors across the South West of England. Our bespoke mirrors are customised to fit any size and shape of space in your home. If you’re looking for something that’s not available off the shelf, then our custom mirrors will suit your needs perfectly.

Our glass and mirror technicians create and install bespoke mirrors for a wide range of applications. Ordering a made to measure mirror gives you the chance to be creative in your home and have it meet your exact design style. You choose whatever colour or finish you’d like, and we’ll size it to order.

We have requests for all types of projects including mirrors for bathroom walls, mirrors for kitchen splashbacks and antique mirrors for stylish design features. We also provide custom mirrors for other uses including gym walls, mirrored walls, alcoves, display cabinets and much more.

With installation included you’ll have peace of mind that we’ll fit your new mirror perfectly. If you’d like to find out more about our bespoke mirror service or would like us to design your perfect mirror, then get in touch

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Our Made To Measure Mirror Products

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Bespoke Mirrors For Your Home

Our made to measure mirrors are perfect for various home applications, including bespoke bathroom mirrors, feature walls, kitchen splashbacks, gym mirrors, home bar mirrors, alcove mirrors, and wardrobe mirrors. Available in a wide range of tints and finishes, including toughened and antique options, we offer a complete measure, supply, and installation service to meet your style and project needs.

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Commercial Fitted Mirrors

We also offer a wide range of made to measure mirrors for commercial use, ideal for gyms, offices, shops, showrooms, and more. With various tints and finishes, including toughened and antique options, we provide a complete measure, supply, and installation service to meet the needs of any project.

How Much Do Made to Measure Mirrors Cost?

Made to measure mirror costs vary depending on factors such as size, design intricacy, finish selection, and installation specifications; for a initial estimate please get in touch with a rough idea of what you are looking for, and we’ll promptly provide an initial estimate.

Here at Clearly Glass Ltd we specialise in the design, supply and installation of made to measure mirrors in South West England. You can rest assured knowing that everything is completed in-house to ensure impeccable standards.

There are lots of various technical specifications when having a made to measure mirror designed. These include deciding on thickness (4mm or 6mm), length and width, type of glass, curved or angled walls, application/day-to-day use case and much more.

For more details about the costs involved please contact our team or read our bespoke mirrors quoting guide here.

Why Choose Us For Made To Measure Mirrors?

  • Free 5 Year Product Guarantee On New Made To Measure Mirror Installations For Peace Of Mind.
  • 2,000+ Customers Served In Devon & Throughout The Surrounding Areas In South West England.
  • Over 20 Years Experience In Made to Measure Mirrors Industry.
  • Custom Design, Supply & Installation To Match Your Style.
  • Get A Free Survey, Transparent Estimate & Consultation.
  • Product & Mirror Samples With Free Aftercare Guides
  • Highly Rated By Previous Made To Measure Mirrors Customers.
  • Fully Trained, Qualified & CSCS Certified Installers.
  • Public Liability Insurance Up To £5 Million.


Step 1: Initial Estimate

The first stage is for us to provide you with an initial estimate. Please give us a ring or use the form on our contact page to send over details of your project.

Step 2:

If the initial estimate is satisfactory, we will then arrange a survey to finalise the design and layout, and take the final detailed measurements.

Step 3: Final quote

Following our survey visit we will update your estimate with the final dimensions and design choices, we will then send over your final quote.

Step 4: Installation

When your order is ready and checked we will arrange a convenient time for our in-house installers to return and carry out the installation.

Recent Made To Measure Mirror Projects

Our Working Locations

Clearly Glass Ltd provides Made To Measure Mirrors in The South West of England, including Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, Bristol, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and all other areas.

If your area is not listed, then please contact us directly because we are not limited to only serving customers in these locations. Our main showroom is located in Exmouth but we have the systems in place to serve customers across South West England.

We’re an independent business with highly trained glass installers focused on exceeding customer expectations. We’ll do everything we can to maintain our 5 star reputation as one of the leading glass installation companies in The South West of England.

We’ve got your made to measure glass covered! Click the button below to see the locations that we operate in. 

Clearly Glass Ltd offers made to measure mirror installations in South West England including Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and all other areas. If your area is not listed, then please contact us directly because we are not limited to only serving customers in these locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Made to Measure Mirrors

A made-to-measure mirror is custom-designed to fit your specific dimensions and requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. In contrast, standard mirrors come in predefined sizes and shapes that may not suit every need. Made-to-measure mirrors offer greater flexibility in terms of design, allowing for unique shapes, custom tints, and tailored finishes that complement your decor. This bespoke approach ensures your mirror not only fits perfectly but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your room

Yes, we can fully customise the size and shape of your made-to-measure mirror. Whether you need an unusually shaped mirror to fit a unique space or a large, expansive mirror for a feature wall, we can accommodate your requirements. Our expert team will work with you to create a mirror that meets your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and a flawless finish.

Caring for your made-to-measure mirror is straightforward. Regular cleaning with a non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth will keep it looking pristine. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can damage the mirror’s surface. For antique and specialty finishes, use a cleaner specifically designed for that type of mirror. It’s also a good idea to keep the mirror dry, especially in high-moisture areas like bathrooms, to prevent any potential damage over time.

Toughened mirrors are heat-treated to increase their strength and durability, making them more resistant to impact and less likely to break into sharp pieces if shattered. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas and safety-conscious environments. Non-toughened mirrors, while still durable, do not undergo this additional treatment and can be more susceptible to breakage. Toughened mirrors are recommended for applications where safety is a concern, such as in gyms, bathrooms, and commercial settings.

The process from measuring to installation typically takes a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the availability of materials. After the initial consultation and measurement, we will provide you with a detailed timeline. Our goal is to ensure efficient and timely delivery and installation, while maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the process.

Made-to-measure fitted mirrors are generally more expensive than standard mirrors due to the customization involved. The bespoke nature of these mirrors means they are crafted to your exact specifications, using high-quality materials and finishes. The additional cost reflects the personalized service, precise fitting, and the unique design elements that standard mirrors cannot offer. However, the investment in a made-to-measure mirror often results in a more aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to your space.

Our made-to-measure mirrors are available in a wide range of finishes to suit any style. We offer various tints, such as bronze, grey, and blue, as well as antique finishes that add a vintage charm. Additionally, toughened options are available for enhanced durability. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a classic, timeless aesthetic, we have the perfect finish to complement your decor and meet your project needs.

Yes, our made-to-measure mirrors are highly suitable for commercial use. We offer a wide range of custom mirrors tailored to meet the specific needs of various commercial settings, including gyms, offices, showrooms, retail spaces, hotels, and restaurants. Our mirrors are designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any commercial environment.

In gyms, our durable and large-scale mirrors provide clear reflections that are essential for workout and training purposes. For offices and showrooms, our mirrors can create the illusion of more space, adding a touch of sophistication and enhancing the overall ambiance. Retail spaces benefit from our mirrors by improving the shopping experience, making spaces feel larger and more inviting.

Additionally, we offer toughened mirrors, which are particularly suitable for high-traffic areas where safety and durability are paramount. Our team can handle projects of any scale, providing a complete measure, supply, and installation service to ensure a seamless and professional finish. With a variety of tints and finishes available, we can customize our mirrors to align with your brand’s aesthetic and functional requirements, ensuring they contribute positively to your commercial space.

Looking For Made To Measure Mirrors In South West England?

Clearly Glass Ltd is a trusted designer, supplier and installer of bespoke made to measure mirrors in South West England with over 20 years of experience.