Staircase renovations are necessary if you don’t like your current staircase design, or if you feel that it needs an upgrade. Traditional staircases are built with wooden or steel balusters, this can look dated and also block light in your stairs and hallway areas. Replacing the entire staircase can be a huge project and is often not practical or cost effective. Refurbishing your existing staircase is a fast and simple way to transform your staircase into a modern design feature for your home.

If you choose to upgrade to a glass staircase design, there are several options to choose from. We can replace or clad your posts with oak, the glass can be secured using clamps or into grooves in the oak handrails. You can also opt for fully frameless glass removing the need for posts altogether. These options will all be explained and we can provide quotes for all options.

How it Works


The staircase specialist will conduct a survey of the existing staircase. They will take measurements of the size and shape of the design. This is your chance to tell them what type of renovations you want to make.


The staircase specialist will calculate a price estimate for the cost of the job.

Bespoke manufacture

After you approve the price estimate, you must make an initial deposit upfront. This covers the cost of the parts and tools that will be needed to perform the work.


The team of staircase installers will show up on the scheduled date of the installation. They will proceed to remove any old parts of the staircase if necessary and replace them with new parts. These parts may include posts, panels, spindles, balusters, clamps, and base rails.

Final Stage of Installation

The glass of the staircase is customised, which involves cutting and shaping the glass to fit your staircase. After that, the glass is installed on your staircase.


Now all you need to worry about is maintaining the glass, which doesn’t require much effort. You will receive aftercare tips from the staircase specialist.