Staircase Glass Refurbishments

A traditional staircase contains wooden spindles and bannisters. These features offer an old-fashioned appearance that might not suit everyone’s preferences. If you’re looking to have a more modernistic staircase, then you should consider upgrading your existing staircase to a glass staircase instead. 

What is unique about glass staircases is they eliminate the need for traditional bannisters and spindles. Instead glass infill panels are either secured using glass clamps or grooves in the timber handrail and baserail, this creates a greater feeling of space and allows much more light to flood the staircase. 

When we say “upgrading your existing staircase,” we’re not talking about removing the entire staircase that you currently have and replacing it with a new one. There is no need to take such drastic steps. Instead, we’re merely talking about removing some parts of your staircase and replacing them with glass and oak or stainless steel components to modernise it. The structural element of your staircase will remain. There are several options in our designs, these can include the replacement or cladding of newel posts and also the replacement of handrails, or we can just replace the wooden spindles with glass and leave the rest of the staircase as original, the choice is yours! 

You may have never seen a home or commercial building with glass staircases before. A lot of older structures have wood and metal staircases because that’s the way they were made for the last hundred years or so. The idea of installing a glass staircase is still a relatively new concept, but one that is taking off quickly.

When you hire Clearly Glass to upgrade your staircase, we will simply replace your existing bannisters and spindles with the glass panels and adjust or replace your newel posts as required and to suit your desired style.

Again, the entire staircase will remain intact as we perform the installation. But when we’re done, your staircase will look brand new, and that is what counts. It is a great way to boost the value and professional appeal of your property. 

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