Kitchen Splashbacks Exeter

The cathedral city of Exeter has an estimated population of just over 130,000 people. It is a city that has been around since before the days of the Ancient Romans. You can imagine how much cooking took place in the city over the many centuries of its existence.

Splashing food was probably a common occurrence in medieval times, which was when people had to cook their food outside. Nowadays, we live in civilised times where people cook their foods in beautiful kitchens inside. People put a lot of emphasis on keeping their kitchens looking clean and tidy.

Who doesn’t want a clean kitchen? If you were to splash food onto the walls regularly, then your kitchen would turn into a dirty mess. You may even attract mould and pests if the filth gets too out of hand. That is why it is better to remove the filth from the walls as quickly as possible. This can be done with the use of splashbacks.

Clearly Glass specialises in splashback installations for kitchens in Exeter. You cannot afford to leave your kitchen without splashbacks because they will protect the integrity and appearance of the walls. After all, no one wants to look at food stains on the walls that are weeks, months, or even years old. If you ever decide to sell your home, good luck trying to remove those food stains from the wall after they’ve been there a while.

The great thing about splashbacks is they’re shiny and easy to clean because they’re made of glass. Your kitchen lights will reflect from the glass wonderfully, which will create a vibrant glare on your walls. And if you splash food particles onto the glass, you can wipe them away clean without having to scrub at all.

Meanwhile, the wall underneath the splashback is completely shielded from the elements of the kitchen environment. It won’t be subjected to any contact with grease, hot water, sauce, spices or whatever else is splattering from your frying pan or pots. In fact, you’ll actually be preserving your wall and the internal structure underneath it.


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