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Showers Exeter

Do you want to enhance the bathroom of your property in Exeter? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Clearly Glass has been installing bespoke glass showers into the homes of Exeter residents for many years now. 

When you’re ready to have a custom glass shower installed in the bathroom of your home in Exeter, the first step will be for you to consult with our bespoke glass shower technician. They will examine the size, shape, and height of your bathroom, including whether your ceilings slope or not. Based on the results of the examination and your specifications for the shower, our technician will design the custom glass shower of your dreams.

One of the biggest highlights of our glass showers is the fact that they’re frameless. You’ll notice that we’ve designed the joints of our glass showers to be invisible in order to enhance their glassy appearance even more. We were able to achieve this appearance by using highly innovative ultra violet bonding techniques.

UV bonding allows us to avoid drilling holes and installing visible frames. Meanwhile, the frameless glass showers remain durable and strong. This technique also makes it easier to install extra glass features in the shower, such as glass tables, glass shelves, and glass cabinets. You’ll notice the shower screens have invisible joints in the fixed panels too. 

Are you ready to start your free consultation? Clearly Glass eagerly awaits your call. We are Exeter’s premier glass shower experts who can handle any glass shower installation task that you had in mind.

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