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Do you have a home in Brixham that could use a nice glass shower in its bathroom? If so, then you’ll want to invest in a glass shower by Clearly Glass. We are the leading custom glass shower installer in the entire town. People hire us to improve their showers by making them sparkle and shine. 

In most cases, a glass shower simply means installing a frameless glass screen, enclosure, or door onto your existing shower. The glass would be customised to fit the exact style, size, and shape of your current bathroom space. Whether you have a curved ceiling or square-shaped ceiling in your bathroom, our bespoke glass showers can be made to fit it perfectly.

Glass showers are so easy to clean and maintain. Like anything that is made from glass, it doesn’t take much effort to wipe away grime and dirt. If you were to continue using shower curtains, then you’d be dealing with mould all the time. Glass allows you to eliminate mould formations so that you can keep your shower area clean and sanitary.

At Clearly Glass, you can choose from several different glass finishes and tints. These additional options are available for you to beautify the glass and make it look better. You can even add more glass features to the interior, such as glass shelves, glass shower cladding, and walk-in glass shower screens. We use ultraviolet bonding on the glass joints in order to make them invisible. That way, you won’t see any drill holes like you would with traditional fixed glass panels.

After you hire us to create a custom glass shower for you, we will use 3D design technology to create it on the computer first. Then you can see previews of the 3D visuals on your computer. If the visuals look good, then we can proceed to build you the real thing for your home in Brixham.


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