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Are you tired of the same old boring shower in your bathroom? If so, you can do something about it right now. Clearly Glass performs custom glass shower installations in locations all throughout Barnstaple. We can utilize the size of your existing bathroom space by installing a properly fitted frameless glass shower in it.

How is this possible? It is easy because we employ glass technicians who understand how to design and install high-quality glass showers. What is even more impressive is that these are frameless showers, which means you won’t see the joints or edges of the glass. However, the glass screens and doors will still be held securely in place. Our Ultra Violet bonding technology makes it possible to have both transparency and durability in the glass joints of our showers.

Maintenance won’t be a problem either for our glass showers. The glass does not attract mould and can easily be cleaned with simple household glass cleaning products. When you are done cleaning your glass shower, it will appear as a radiant and vibrant addition to your bathroom. You’ll feel happy and excited whenever you take a shower in it.

The entire design and installation process are done in four steps. Our glass technician will conduct a survey of your bathroom space in order to gather measurements about the dimensions and angles of your bathroom.

After we’ve discussed your requirements for the shower, we’ll create a digital design of the shower in 3D with our special computer software.


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