Printed Splashbacks

Printed splashbacks give you a chance to express your creativity in your very own kitchen. Rather than choose a solid colour or mirrored finish for your kitchen splashback, you can choose a design with any photo, image, or illustration that you want.

For instance, you could turn your kitchen walls into a beautiful beach with ocean views.  Printed splashbacks give you endless possibilities for the imagery that you can express around your kitchen. Just let your creative mindset run wild!

Clearly Glass offers customised printed splashbacks for any kitchen in Exeter, Devon. If you have a particular image on your computer that you’d like to be used for your printed splashback, you can send it to us, and we’ll digitally print it onto the splashback design for you. Make sure the image quality is at least 300DPI (dots per inch).

If you have a supersized image or multiple images, that is okay too. We can print your images onto multiple glass panels for your kitchen splashback. That way, all of the images will flow into each other with every curve of your kitchen walls. It’ll create a lifelike visualization of the imagery depicted in the glass panels.

Once we are done customising and printing the images onto the glass panels, we’ll install your kitchen splashbacks neatly and professionally. Clearly Glass uses a team of highly experienced glass technicians to install the kitchen splashbacks for our customers. They will transform your Exeter kitchen into a work of exquisite art. 

Did we mention that we offer some of the most competitive prices on printed kitchen splashbacks in Devon? Yes, our printing and installation services are combined into one low price for our customers.

If you’d like to inquire about our pricing or about any of our services, then please call our expert glass technicians at 01395 488160.