The Salty Monk

An award-winning 16th-century restaurant and B&B in Sidmouth, Devon
First bedroom completed February 2017, second bedroom March/April 2017

Annette and Andy Witheridge wanted to create new en-suites in two of their bedrooms. Their design brief was to restore and install the shower rooms to provide a luxurious, relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

ROOM NUMBER ONE – Rose, remodel of existing en-suite.
Sapphire Spaces had been instructed by Annette and Andy to design and fit the new en-suite, which was originally built with a stud wall construction. Sapphire Spaces then called on Nathan of Clearly Glass to help with the project, with the aim of using Bespoke Glass Wall Panels to enclose the en-suite, rather than replace the original stud wall.

Advantages of this innovative design plan was that the glass panels being significantly thinner than layers of plasterboard, plaster and then tiles, would allow much less space to be taken up within the en-suite enclosure; whilst the light reflecting through the stunning opaque glass finish would create a very stylish, seamless open plan feel to the en-suite as part of the room. Also creating the luxury experience that the client wished to achieve. The key challenge to Nathan on this project was to ensure an exact fit, as it turned out that the runs along the floor and the ceiling were of different sizes.

Andy said that he and Annette are both thrilled to bits with the results – the atmosphere that has been created by using the glass panels in this way has completely transformed the room and resulted in a real wow factor for their guests. Andy also says that he did not realise that the cutting of bespoke glass could be quite so precise and that Nathan managed to completely eliminate any potential problems that could have resulted from the unequal measurements of the floor and ceiling. The level of service from Nathan and his team was excellent throughout and Andy says that he cannot fault the results or follow up service at all.

ROOM NUMBER TWO – Wisteria, create a new en-suite in a recently converted bedroom
Andy and Annette were going to design and fit this shower area themselves. But they were so pleased with Nathan’s work and the results of the glass panels in the first room, that they decided to ask Clearly Glass to supply and fit glass panels to the new en-suite area again.

The brief for this room was again to provide a luxurious, relaxing and rejuvenating experience; however, the panels were to divide and separate areas rather than create a watertight enclosure from floor to ceiling. The main challenge was the number of very large panels to be cut to exacting sizes and manoeuvred into a very tight area. As you can see from the pictures, the stunning open plan yet private layout provides a separate shower area, basin area, toilet area and hanging space, all divided by the glass panels allowing light to flow through.

Using the specialised UV bonding technique to seal all joins will eliminate the risk of mould and unsightly marks developing on the joins of glass panels and shelves. Andy was delighted with the end result and said that in all of his other bathrooms they have to re-silicone every year to keep the rooms fresh.