Richard Bridge

Frameless Patio Balustrade in Hennock
Completed August 2017

Suitably impressed, Richard called Nathan to arrange a visit after seeing examples of his previous work and achievements with bespoke glass projects on the Clearly Glass website. Richard explained to Nathan that had begun to construct an external patio to the rear of his house in Hennock. Richards vision was to create a seamless and uncluttered finish to the glass enclosing both the patio and the steps leading down to the garden, with the one very clear aim of maximising the most stunning views and outlook possible from that patio area, over the Teign Valley.

Nathan suggested using a mini-post frameless balustrade system for the project. This system allows for the most exposed glass area, requires very little in the way of hinges and removes any necessity for an upper frame to the balustrade. The system is supported by base clamps drilled directly into the ground for the bespoke glass panels to slot in.

There were two main challenges for Nathan to overcome to ensure the results reached the high expectations of not only Richard as a client but for Nathan professionally. The first challenge was due to the base material of the patio floor area being natural slate. Slate, being a natural product, does not sit perfectly flat or even. Should the base clamps not be adequately adjusted and drilled to allow for the varying floor levels, it would result in an uneven line of glass at the top of the balustrade. The second challenge was the angles of the glass running down the staircase; only absolute precision in both the measuring and the cutting of the glass would achieve the required result.

Richard said that he was very impressed with the knowledge and experience that Nathan demonstrated from their first meeting; he always felt confident that he had picked the right team to tackle the project. Although measurements for the project were initially taken in May, the work was completed in August of 2017. Richard explained that there was a large family party organised for August and he was delighted that all of the work was completed on time for the party to go ahead. He also said that from start to finish Nathan approached his work in a very professional manner, he confidently faced and dealt with any challenges that arose and we are delighted with the result. Richard would thoroughly recommend Nathan and his team to anybody considering such a project, whether that was internal or external work; the after-service has been undeniably very good.

I think you will agree the finished look of the project is indeed stunning, Richards vision is now a reality and who could not admire those fantastic views!