Mirrored Splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks are a stunning design feature for your kitchen. They also reflect light making your kitchen look larger.

We can supply non-toughened and toughened glass splashback mirrors. For a mirrored splashback behind your hob or cooking area, you’ll need toughened glass as it’s heat resistant. The options for toughened glass mirrored splashbacks are silver, grey and bronze as well as a selection of antique finishes.

For the other areas of your kitchen, you can opt for non-toughened splashback mirrors. Non-toughened mirrors are available in a variety of antique finishes as well as tinted tones and extra clear. Antique finishes include silver and bronze.

If you’d like to know more about our mirrored splashbacks or the finishes available for them, please call our mirrored splashback specialists at 01395 488160. We’ll be happy to recommend the best-mirrored splashback option for your kitchen walls.