Mirrored Splashbacks

Do you think mirrored splashbacks would look good in the kitchen of your Exeter home? Mirrored splashbacks have a unique quality to them because they reflect your kitchen environment in its entirety. If you want to make your kitchen look more spacious while protecting its walls from grease and food splatter, then mirrored splashbacks are a perfect choice. 

At Clearly Glass, we have non-toughened and toughened splashback mirrors available to the owners of residential or commercial kitchens in Exeter, Devon. When you have a mirrored splashback placed around your hob and cooking area, it will get exposed to a lot of heat. That is why it is better to have a toughened splashback mirror which is tempered to resist heat.

But for the other areas of your kitchen that are not directly surrounding your hob, you can have non-toughened splashback mirrors installed. The benefit of non-toughened mirrors is the variety of finishes available for them. These mirror finishes include copper, silver, antique bronze, antique silver, grey, bronze, extra clear, foxed finish, and rough antique.

Everyone has their own unique preferences for the finished style they would like to have for their kitchen splashbacks. Choose whichever finish is most appropriate for your particular kitchen environment. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a clear mirror finish, then you will have an advantage as far as cleaning goes. It is so much easier to spot splatter on a clear glass mirror. Then you’ll know to remove it as soon as the splatter is made.

Clearly Glass offers some of the most competitive prices on mirrored splashbacks in all of Devon. If you’d like to know more about our mirrored splashbacks or the finishes available for them, please call our mirrored splashback specialists at 01395 488160. We’ll be happy to recommend the best-mirrored splashback option for your kitchen walls.