Loft Conversion Showers

Lofts are fun places to live in. However, you must contend with the oddly shaped walls and ceilings. It can become a challenge if you’re trying to convert your existing loft space into a shower. A lot of the other loft conversion showers on the market will require a specific shape to exist in your loft bathroom. That is why you should use our glass loft conversion showers instead. 

Clearly Glass specialises in all types of glass installations, including those related to loft conversion showers. The great thing about glass is that it can be cut and sized to accommodate any oddly shaped environment. When our glass technicians come to your property and conduct a free evaluation of your living space, we will take measurements and pictures of the area to customise the shower correctly.

Customisation is the only way you can have a proper loft shower. Most of the predesigned loft conversion showers won’t fit in a real loft bathroom. 

Therefore, the glass loft conversion showers of Clearly Glass are the best investment you can make. Our showers are professionally cut, sized, customised, and fitted to accommodate the size and shape of your loft bathroom. You won’t have to do any of the work yourself because our expert installers will do the work for you. This guarantees that the installation will be a success. 

Also, you can choose which glass finish you’d like to have for your shower. There won’t be any frames visible, so you can enjoy the complete glass appearance of the shower. Before the shower is created, we will show you a digital 3D preview of the shower first. Once it meets your approval, we will go ahead and build the real thing.

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