If you do a lot of cooking on the hob in your kitchen, then you need a good splashback to protect its walls. It is easy to dirty up the paint on the walls because of grease, sauce, or oil splatter. What is hard is trying to remove the food splatter from your walls. Oftentimes, the paint colour will never look the same again.

A splashback can ensure that your kitchen walls stay the same colour all the time. If you end up splattering food debris onto the glass of the splashbacks, then you can easily wipe away the splatter with a simple glass cleaner and a soft cloth. The only thing you have to decide is what colour do you want your splashback to be.

Some people prefer to select a neutral colour for their glass splashbacks, allowing them to introduce colour with other items, such as paintings, curtains or kitchen accessories. This approach allows you to alter the colour scheme later without having to replace your splashbacks. Alternatively many people have a clear design idea and decide to go bold with an accent colour to create contrast and a design wow factor. Matte finishes are also a popular choice, allowing for yet another design option, a matte finish to your splashbacks can work extremely well, especially if you already have a lot of gloss in the kitchen and are looking for a more subtle wall covering.

Once the splashback is applied, the new colour will cover the true colour of your walls. Any marks on the wall underneath will not show through the glass. There are many gorgeous splashback colours for you to choose from, such as lime, clay, black, orange, vanilla velvet, mulberry, and virtually any other colour that you want using our colour matching service. The walls underneath will stay protected the entire time, which helps preserve the value of your home as well. To see our colour options click here.

If you want to add some extra style to your splashback colour, you can have a matte finish, metallic finish, mirror finishes or a gloss finish. At Clearly Glass, we offer so many custom options for our kitchen splashbacks. Contact us today at 01395 488160 to find out more information on our kitchen splashback colour options.