If you have a beautiful garden, you probably want to admire it from your patio or decking. However, you cannot do that if you have solid balustrades and handrails getting in the way of the view.

Glass balustrades offer so many benefits to people with gardens and decking. Since glass is transparent, you will have uninterrupted views from your decking. That means you will see your garden in its full glory without having any solid obstructions in the way. 

But that’s not all. Glass balustrades increase the safety of your decking too. If you have young children or guests, then you never have to worry about them falling over the side of your decking ever again. The glass balustrades form a secure barrier to prevent anyone from falling over.

Clearly Glass can design customised glass balustrades for your patio or decking. The shapes and curves of your decking do not matter. All of the glass panels will be cut and sized to fit your particular decking. Then you can enjoy the convenience of looking through your glass balustrades while keeping everyone in your home safe at the same time.

When you contact us for a free consultation, we’ll survey your decking area and take measurements. That way, we can come up with an accurate price estimate for the design and installation service of your glass balustrades. Alternatively, if you are still at the design or build stage we can provide a quote from your drawings (or rough sketch!).

Once we agree on a price, we will proceed to create your custom glass balustrades and then install them on your decking. 

Enhance your garden space today! Call us at 01395 488160.