There is nothing more beautiful than a glass staircase inside of a residential home or commercial building. Glass staircases offer a certain degree of elegance and sophistication that traditional wooden staircases lack greatly.

The amazing thing is that glass staircases are simplistic in their design because they mostly involve the use of hardened glass sheets and stainless steel clamps or just grooved timber. The only other materials are the optional wooden or stainless steel handrails, which are properly fitted to accommodate the glass installation.

Let’s explore the top 5 benefits of a glass staircase design.

1) Simplicity

Sometimes less is more when it comes to interior décor. The glass staircase design is a seamless staircase that offers a simple and easy feel. Some staircases made of mostly wood are too extravagant and over the top. By having a simple glass staircase, it helps emphasize the surrounding décor in your home.

2) Less Maintenance

With simplicity also comes less maintenance. Glass staircases are strong, easy to clean, and will not deteriorate quickly. There is also a lot less painting or varnishing required. 

3) Transformation

Replacing your existing wood staircase for glass is a fast and cost effective way to completely transform the look and feel of your staircase and landing, giving a traditional or dated property a modern twist and transforming your home.

4) Vibrant

When the sunlight shines through the windows during the day, your glass staircase will become a vibrant feature in the middle of your home. It’ll breath life into enclosed spaces and make your whole indoor environment shine. You’ll never experience the dark or gloomy feeling that a wooden staircase provides.

5) Multiple Styles and Textures

You don’t just have one option for your glass staircase. The glass can be secured using clamps or grooves in the new handrails, you can have your glass staircase sandblasted, frosted, or tinted with various styles in order to give it a unique appearance. Choose whatever glass aesthetics go well with the colours of your walls and the size of your room.