Garden Balustrades

Clearly Glass specialises in developing many different forms of custom glass balustrades, such as garden balustrades. You don’t necessarily need an actual garden to enjoy the benefits of a garden balustrade. In fact, garden balustrades are perfectly designed to accommodate curved areas, such as decks and patios.

Do you have a deck or patio in your back garden? If so, then garden balustrades can work well for the railing all across the platform and throughout the stairway. It is a safe way for people to walk up to the edge of the railing and enjoy the view without any worries of falling over.

If you have children in the environment, then it is even more imperative to install our garden balustrades. There is no chance of your child falling off the deck or patio after the balustrades are installed. The tempered glass panels are strong enough to stay in place without breaking or falling off.

We do offer other types of balustrades, however, our main speciality is garden balustrades because they’re the most popular and the most attractive. Our garden balustrades use either a base clamp system or a button fixed system depending on the situation and preference of the homeowner. 

You can choose whether you want to have a minimal hand railing on the top of the glass, or to have an all-glass deisgn. The all-glass design creates a minimalistic appearance that gives you protection, security, and clear views of the scenery around you. Any added obstruction like a handrail might get in the way of that. 

If you’d like to learn more about our custom garden balustrade design and installation services, then please call or email our professional glass technicians today. We offer free consultations on our garden balustrade services.

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