Frameless Stair Glass

Are you building a new staircase in Exeter? If not, do you have an existing staircase in Exeter and would like to upgrade it to a more modern look? If either of the scenarios is true, then you should install frameless stair glass for your staircase.

Frameless stair glass has grown in popularity over the last ten years. Whether you have a steel staircase or timber staircase, you can have frameless stair glass installed along the sides of it. 

Due to the transparency of glass, your staircase won’t be covered up by solid posts or banisters. Instead, everyone will see the full beauty of the staircase and all of its steps that lead up to the next floor. Since it is “frameless” glass, you won’t even have any solid frames or borders getting into the way of the view either.

Handrails are completely optional. If you’d like to add handrails to your glass staircase for safety purposes, then we can accommodate that request. Otherwise, we can simply install glass panels on the walls of your staircase without any handrails whatsoever. It all depends on your particular preferences.

If you choose handrails, steel or oak are the two best choices. Most homeowners with glass staircases prefer the oak handrails because they look amazing pretty much anywhere. 

The stair glass is meant to keep people safe too. If you have small children in your house, then glass will help contain them in the staircase and prevent an accidental fall over the side. The same goes for older adults too.

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