Decking Balustrades

Does your property have a beautiful deck in Exeter, Devon? Decks can provide wonderful views of the gorgeous British countryside around your property. However, it can also be dangerous if your deck doesn’t have a secure balustrade system in place. They can prevent unnecessary accidents where people fall off the deck and injure or kill themselves.

Clearly Glass offers highly sophisticated frameless glass balustrades for decks and gardens in Exeter. Our glass balustrades will not only make your existing deck much safer, but it will also enhance its beauty too. You can choose between side mounted glass balustrades, edge-mounted glass balustrades or top-mounted glass balustrades. You can also choose whether or not you want handrails for your deck as well. 

Are you interested in our different glass tint options? You don’t need to choose clear glass for your decking balustrades if you don’t want them. Instead, you can choose to have tinted grey, tinted bronze, tinted black, tinted green, satin, and so many other styles. We only use toughened glass for our decking balustrades. The thickness choices include 12mm, 15mm, 17.5mm (laminated), or 21.5mm (laminated).

Glass balustrades will keep yours safe and beautiful at the same time. And since the glass is toughened, it won’t break easily for impacts or light blows. This will prevent someone from crashing through the glass accidentally, such as children. Our glass technicians will ensure the glass panels stay securely in place. Maintaining the safety of your deck environment is our number one goal. 

We can customise the glass of your decking balustrades to any dimensions that are necessary. Our glass technicians will measure your deck and then cut the glass to accommodate its shape and size. 

Are you ready to get started? If so, then you’ll want to contact Clearly Glass right away at 01395 488160.