Do you want to put a glass shower in your loft? If so, then you have the right idea. Glass showers in lofts are a great use of space and very practical. You don’t have to wait for someone to get out of the bathroom before you use the shower. Instead, you can just go upstairs and use your own personal shower whenever you want. 

You will need bespoke shower glass to create the perfect shower in your loft. After all, these are areas of your home which have unusual shapes to them. The walls and ceilings are often slanted and irregularly shaped. Because of this, you need to have your glass doors and panels customised to fit in these places.

Don’t forget that lofts don’t usually offer a whole lot of space. You need to make the most of the existing space when you consider having a shower installed in it. The first step is to have measurements taken of every angle of the space, starting from the floor and going up to the walls and ceiling. You’ll want to know the dimensions of every side of the space in order to know how the glass should be cut.

Of course, this job is not something that your average layperson knows how to do. That is okay because Clearly Glass specialises in jobs like these. We have a team of shower glass specialists who make their living by designing and installing bespoke glass showers in unusual places like lofts. If you want to save yourself the hassle of having to do this job by yourself, then you should call the glass specialists of Clearly Glass today.

All customers get a free evaluation, consultation, and survey of the proposed project. After the loft space has been examined, we will come up with a price quote for the project. Alternatively, if you are still at the design or build stage we can provide a quote from your drawings (or rough sketch!). Contact us on 01395 488160 to get started.