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How to keep your glass shower clean

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Frameless glass showers are popular in bathrooms because they take up less space than the traditional bathtub and shower combinations. Glass showers are also easier to clean because they don’t attract as much mould and rust the way bathtubs and shower curtains do. But what they do attract is soap scum.

Showers get dirty in the first place because of the hard water that comes out of the showerhead. Hard water contains lots of minerals like magnesium carbonates and calcium. When these minerals make contact with chalk deposits and limestone deposits, they start to become more visible.

As for glass, the minerals in the hard water seep into the pores of the glass and accumulate over time. This only happens when the hard water mixes with the soap that you use to clean yourself. The soap and hard water combination that builds up in the glass pores is called soap scum. If you don’t clean this soap scum quickly, then it’ll cause corrosion. 

Here are the best ways to keep shower glass clean.

1) Add a Protective Coating

If you add a protective coating to the glass of the shower, it’ll cover up the pores of the glass and prevent soap scum from accumulating in them.  

2) Vinegar and Water

Mix distilled water with white vinegar inside of a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the glass and leave it there for 5 minutes. Now rinse the glass with warm water and wipe it away clean with a dry towel. If you want to prevent glass streaks, then use newspaper to dry the glass. 

3) Squeegee

A squeegee is a perfect tool to clean shower glass with. It’ll get rid of soap stains, hard water stains, and more. It won’t take much effort either because it is a wide ended tool that works quickly to remove stains from your shower glass. Try to use the squeegee right after you’ve taken a shower.

4) Cloth

It is good practise to also wipe the shower hardware (hinges/handle etc) dry with a cloth after cleaning in order to prevent water marks and limescale build-up. 


As you can see, it doesn’t take much money or effort to keep your shower glass clean. You can purchase all the cleaning tools you need at your local retail store.

Transform your kitchen with a glass splashback

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Glass splashbacks can transform your kitchen into a work of creative art. Traditionally, glass splashbacks have been used to protect the walls of the kitchen from any unintentional splashing from food that is cooked on the stove. Splashbacks can prevent stains and deterioration of the paint job on your walls. Not only that, but it is much easier to clean food messes away from glass than from a painted wall.

However, wall protection is just one important benefit of glass splashbacks in kitchens. Another greater benefit is their ability to transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Rather than keeping the glass splashbacks transparent, you can have beautiful colours or images applied to them instead. 

These can be images of anything that you want. You could have pictures of food, outer space, forestry, waterfalls, animals, or whatever else you want. Turn your kitchen into an artistic masterpiece that is unlike any other kitchen. You’ll have a completely creative choice over the colours, shapes, and designs of the splashbacks.

Let’s go over the top 4 ways that glass splashbacks can transform your kitchen.

1) More Colour Choices

You can add any colour or pattern to your glass splashbacks that you could not add to your kitchen walls. You can even add photos and images. Unless you’re a master painter, it would be difficult to add images to your kitchen walls that stay protected like this.

2) Light Reflection

The light coming from your windows or lights will make the glass splashbacks shine on your kitchen walls. Vibrant and delightful aesthetics will be seen everywhere in the kitchen when you look around.

3) Clear Walls Forever

Regular kitchen walls have a lot of marks  and stains from the oil and splashing of your cooking. When tiles are used the grout tends to also stain and collect dirt. If you add glass splashbacks, they’ll keep your kitchen walls looking sparkly and shiny forever. As long as you periodically clean the glass with a glass cleaner and a few swipes with a soft cloth, your walls will always look new.

4) Affordable Transformation

A kitchen glass splashback installation is a lot cheaper than you think. It is also a long-term investment that will pay off because it’ll permanently transform your kitchen into a design feature as well as a premium cooking environment. You won’t even need to do much maintenance either.